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Rustic Boho Wedding at Wasserschloss Unsleben

Mina & Flo

Mina & Flo celebrated their rustic boho wedding at beautiful Wasserschloss Unsleben and it was a day full of heartfelt moments, joy and happiness.

The whole day was planned to take place at the castle in Unsleben starting from the getting ready of the bride and groom followig the first look in the court yard of the castle, the dreamy outdoor ceremony and the relaxed cocktail hour in the garden and of course the dinner and party at the rustic old staples that have been renovated in the most authentic and tasteful way.

We cannot recommend this enough; not having to drive around on your wedding day, where every minute is so precious and you don’t want to waste time driving from A to B. 

Mina & Flo met at a concert and their love for music has been noticeable since the first day we met them. Therefore it was not surprising that their ceremony entrance was accompanied by a DJ playing their favourite Woodkid song.

We strongly encourage all of our couples to be themselves on their wedding day. There are no rules set for all of you to play Ed Sheeran on your wedding 😉

These two have put so much effort into making their wedding day look & feel just like who they really are and this special atmosphere was present throughout the whole day.

We loved every minute of capturing this wedding loaded with memorable moments, beauty and most of all lots of love, but see for yourself… 🙂

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Boho Mountain Wedding in Austria
Boho Mountain Wedding in Austria

Intimate Mountain Wedding in the Alps

Anastasia & David

Anastasia & David celebrated an intimate Mountain Wedding with forty five of their favourite people. They picked a venue in the middle of nowhere. A historic hunting cottage called Villa Maund in the Austrian woods with a stunning all inclusive view over mountain tops and waterfalls.

When these two contacted us last year, we quickly knew they are our kind of people. Not only because they are both working in a creative industry as designers, they also own a little design agency together as a couple. As a result, when we met over Skype for the first time, we found common ground on more than one end.
But what really got us hooked about Ana & David’s small and rustic wedding was not some fancy venue or big brands being involved. The way these two envisioned their wedding day was about more than that, they wanted it to be authentic and representing who they are. Relatively small and intimate, with a lot of thought into what it should feel. And lastly the complete trust in us and our photography and videography.
Ana & David made lots of time for us to capture their Getting Ready followed by the sweetest First Look moments before walking into their Free Ceremony that was held by one of their best friends. Due to the cold weather, everything had to be moved indoors which in fact turned out to be super cosy and intimate. They wrote their own vows and David played his wife a song on his ukulele. It was the very song he once sang when he was on his way home on the night of their first date. They ventured out into the mountains with us at freezing temperatures to create these incredible moments together with this dream like mountain backdrop that they specifically chose for their big day.
With live music and surrounded by all their loved ones, they opened their party cuddled into each other without any fancy dancing steps, because this is who they really are.
Ana & David’s intimate mountain wedding was perfect and we loved every bit of their day full of authentic and emotional moments.
Venue – Villa Maund – Wedding Dress – Flamenco Brautmoden München – Catering – Gasthof Adler – Florals – Sennhus Blumenladen 

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After Wedding Shoot in Bavaria
After Wedding Shoot in Bavaria

After Wedding Shoot in the Mountains

Anna & Flo

Anna & Flo celebrated their marriage once more with an After Wedding Shoot in the mountains of Bavaria beginning of March.

We are such big fans of After Wedding Sessions, they are so special as they are allowing you to venture out and spend a day exploring and enjoying this newly wed feeling once more. Creating photos without a time line in the back of your heads is something truly special, taking it all in and letting this gorgeous sunset light form. And the best is, it is not only a very photogenic scenery but also a truly comforting and beautiful sight to hold in for a minute or two and just enjoy life & love.

We are super excited that After Wedding Sessions are becoming more and more popular and we can’t wait for venturing out with more and more couples to create these unforgettable memories together. 

Hair & Makeup by the amazing Tanja R. Makeup Artist

Stunning Florals by Blue + Ivory

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Rustic Winter Wedding Inspiration

Intimate & Rustic Winter Wedding

A historic village located in the heart of Franconia, a place both the bride & groom carry so many childhood memories that nearly every corner tells a story. In the midst of it; a rustic tavern serving hearty regional dishes, just perfect on cold winter days like these, quickly became the centre of a family tradition. The family around Alex & Linus gathers here every year to enjoy a traditional German Christmas dish, roasted goose with steaming hot dumplings and red cabbage.

It felt just like the right thing to do for Alex & Linus to celebrate their Civil Wedding here and we couldn’t agree more; what a perfect opportunity to make this year’s Christmas get-together extra special.

With their big celebrations planned out in June 2017, a summer wedding, this intimate Winter Wedding was an exciting contrast for both, the couple and the Wedding Stylists of Blue & Ivory, who curated the event. Aiming for a modern & minimal twist to the oh so sumptuous Christmas theme by combining traditional elements like the shades of red and green with simple shapes and organic fabrics by using raw linen.

At arrival, the couple was taken away for some utterly romantic photos around the venue before their guests were arriving for the official events. At a crispy 1° Celsius Linus held his Alex tight, keeping her warm and creating an intimate atmosphere that made the photographers Melli & Shayne capture their love in such a beautifully authentic and personal way.

A carriage drawn by two stunning Haflinger horses made the perfect means of transport for Alex & Linus to arrive at the Ceremony Venue, a nearby historic mansion. A speech full of lovely anecdotes about the couple’s journey that finalised with Alex’ & Linus’ promise for each other was the touching core of the celebrations and with the daylight fading candle light led the way for our newlyweds.

Gathered around a warming bon fire family and friends held their first toast for the couple with mugs of Glühwein, a German mulled wine seasoned with spices and fruits. It was a magical atmosphere welcoming the wedding party into a night filled with love, laughter and a very memorable Christmas Meal.

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Urban Wedding Inspiration

Stylish & Relaxed Urban Wedding

Jana & Chris celebrated their stylish, relaxed Urban Wedding end of September and it was all they had wished for: a relaxed party with their friends to celebrate love & life. No chichi, no big traditions, just them, who they are and what they feel is right for them on their special day.

Jana wanted to create an organic look, picking subtle colours and seasonal florals. A dark Marsala tone as well as blush and nude were dictating the look. She decided to wear a super comfortable Olvi’s wedding gown that was made of a stretchy lace so she could move freely and feel good the whole day.

They celebrated their civil ceremony at a beautiful conservatory and made their way to the reception location by foot, together with all their guests, as everything was close by. They picked a beautiful little restaurant called Muskat for their celebrations. A place that is well known by locals for its delicious organic slow food creations. We think it’s such a win to pick a restaurant – and there are so many gorgeous places out there too.

Jana & Chris’ Wedding was celebrated on a beautiful warm & sunny day at the end of September and we can’t stress how clever it is, to pick a wedding day during those spring or autumn months. The light, the temperature, the colours, not to mention that the availability for your favourite wedding vendors might also be a bit more relaxed. We are big fans.

Wedding Dress – Olvi’s via I am Yours, Düsseldorf | Location – Das Muskat, Erlangen | Florals – Blumen Gauch

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A Rustic Summer Wedding
Kathrin & Rainer

Rustic Summer Wedding Inspiration

A Rustic Summer Wedding

Passionate is probably the first term that comes to our mind when thinking back at Kathrin & Rainer and their rustic summer wedding. Not only because of their deep love for each other. Also because of the way this beautiful day was celebrated by their friends and families who have made Kathrin & Rainer’s wedding so special, full of happiness and beautiful emotions.

French romance meets Bavarian Coziness

Ever since the very first time we met, Kathrin & Rainer told us how they wanted their Wedding to feel more like a casual rustic summer party with their loved ones instead of a stiff event full of traditions. These two found just the right balance of keeping this special occasion relaxed and yet classy and celebratory. A free ceremony that was held inside a renovated barn, part of the wedding venue itself, and a party in a cosy Bavarian beer garden atmosphere.

At dinner they provided a gourmet BBQ cooking delicacies like lobster and tender beef filets that were putting a big smile on every single one of their guest’s faces.

A relaxed time schedule like this allows plenty of time for creating unforgettable memories in form of photos and film. Our hearts were full after a fun filled and exciting Getting Ready, a goose bump moment First Look, a free Wedding Ceremony including a couple saying their own personal vows to each other, a sunset shoot we will never forget and a party crowd that was dancing nonstop until late at night.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to see their Wedding Highlight Film – Goose bump moments guaranteed.

The amazing professionals that were involved in this labor of love:

Location & Catering: Zum Roten Ochsen Kalchreuth

Wedding Dress: Cecile München with adjustments designed by the bride herself

Stationary: DIY & Kreative Hochzeitskarten

Ceremonist: Andreas Schaufler

Band: LIVE Künstleragentur

Hair: Friseur Freiheit

Naked Cake: Confiserie Neef in Nürnberg

DJ: DJ Freddy

Kathrin & Rainer

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Lakeside Wedding
Lakeside Wedding

Lakeside Wedding at Lake Tegernsee, Bavaria

Anna & Flo’s Mountain Wedding

Anna & Flo are an incredibly sweet couple and their wedding day right by lake Tegernsee was just the way they wanted it to be. No awkward traditions, no fancy chi chi, just the right people at a beautiful venue celebrating their love and the new adventures ahead as husband and wife.

Sometimes you meet people for the very first time and it feels like you have been friends with them for years.

The location Das Bootshaus Tegernsee in Bad Wiessee is located right by the lake and from the dinner tables the couple and their guests were overlooking the water and the Bavarian Alps that make such a stunning backdrop!

But you should see all that for yourself and don’t forget to scroll all the way down to see the equally awesome Wedding Highlight Film.

All the professionals involved in this labor of love:

Location: Das Bootshaus

Event Design / Styling: ÄnnaOh Productions

Bridal Dress: La Sposa Barcelona

Hair & Makeup: Tina Ziegler Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach

Entertainment: DJ Moritz Schleich

Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-6 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-1 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-2 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-107 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-5 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-106 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-7 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-14 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-108 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-4 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-3 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-19 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-18 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-21 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-17 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-15 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-20 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-22 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-24 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-25 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-23 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-28 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-26 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-27

Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-32 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-31 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-105 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-30 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-11 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-8Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-9

Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-0 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-12 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-33 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-34 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-109 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-35 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-36 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-37 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-38 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-39 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-40 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-41 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-42 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-43 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-45 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-46 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-48 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-53 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-58 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-63 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-66 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-65 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-71 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-68 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-83 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-84 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-85 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-49 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-54 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-110 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-51 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-113 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-55 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-75 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-76 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-79 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-80 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-81 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-82 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-86 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-87 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-88 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-90 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-91 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-111 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-93 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-112 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-89 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-92 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-95 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-97 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-101 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-102 Wedding-Photographer-Munich-Tegernsee-103

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