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Album Order
Every spread is 2 pages (left & right). The price per spread is €29,00 and is limited to a maximum of 40 spreads in total (max. 20 additional spreads).
You will receive a draft version to look over and make any changes before it gets sent to print. If you are choosing the images yourself, please do so by making a favorites list in your online gallery. We recommend not more than 2 photos per page (so for an album with 40 pages which equals 20 spreads, we would not recommend selecting more than 80 images).
Please keep in mind that the base price per copy relates to 20 spreads. Every add. spread is 19 EUR for the 20 x 20 (base price 20 spreads 490 EUR) and 29 EUR for 30 x 30 (base price 20 spreads 590 EUR)- so if the original album is let’s say 30 spreads, you will pay for the add. 10 spreads not only in the main album but in the copy too.
The base album is a 30cm x 30cm album
If you happen to be interested in having something illustrated on the top of the album (like your wedding logo for example), it is a custom order and would require us to send over a custom quote. Just let us know

After submitting the form, we will send you an invoice with the total value of your order.

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