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The wedding of Neela & José was a testament to love transcending borders, where a German bride and a Spanish groom chose Andalusia, Spain, as the backdrop for their story. Their love story wove together two distinct cultures, and the wedding was a beautiful celebration of their unique journey.

In a traditional Spanish church, the couple exchanged heartfelt vows, blending their cultural backgrounds with grace. After this touching ceremony, the festivities continued at the exquisite Cortijo Pedro Jiménez, a venue that perfectly mirrored the joyful spirit of their union.

The atmosphere at the venue was nothing short of electric, with music and dancing dominating the celebration. The overall vibe was one of unbridled joy and life. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the setting was an oasis of happiness, offering not only exceptional food and unforgettable music but also an overall luxurious experience.

The musicians, known as Everso, created a party atmosphere like no other. Their ‘Live DJ sets’ combined party music with live performances by singers and instrumentalists, creating a unique blend of energy and entertainment. Guests were treated to a musical experience that left them dancing the night away.

To make this day a reality, the couple worked with the outstanding Wedding Planner, Katharina Landenberger, who ensured that every detail was perfect, bringing the couple’s vision to life. The result was a luxurious celebration that blended love, culture, and music into a joyful, unforgettable summer wedding.”

“We finally managed to watch our wedding video today and WOW! We are speechless! It took us right back to the moments of our wedding and you moved us to tears. Thank you so much for your great work and for your perseverance over the whole weekend!”


Blending the upbeat, fast paced tones of a Spanish guitar giving homage to the wedding in Andalusia was the perfect choice to showcase the tremendous amount of energy, emotion and passion this wedding contained. Trying to keep things to just one minute was a challenge in and of itself but with these fast paced cuts, it all fit together perfectly.
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