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what an incredible adventure

Still to this day

we cannot express just how grateful we are to call this

our job

wedding cape town

Reflecting back on all our years


has been one of the most profound ones yet

We travelled




and delivered


We invested our heart
and soul into our
photos & films

And fell in love with each and everyone of our couples

Lara & Nico
Jasmin & Erik
Anja & Giuliano
Maris & Patrick
Maggie & Ollie
Saskia & Bjorn
Caro & Nick
Natalie & Paul
Sonja & Jonas
Corinna & Florian
Sarah & Mike
Christina & Carl
Melina & Zeljko
Alexandra & Patrick
Lisa & Timo
Chrissi & Flo
Zinnia & Radek
Chrissy & Des
Amy & Hunter
Tasja & Carlos
Patricia & Trevor

We shared a ton of stories

And on a more personal level...

we got engaged!

And finally went to South Africa (Shayne's homeland)


you've been incredible

and we cannot wait to bring you along our journey in 2019!

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Elopement Wedding photographer

Lis & Mauricio’s Elopement in the Alps

Lis & Mauricio contacted us early in November when we thought our wedding season 2017 was soon to be over. And looking back now, it was one of the biggest adventures of the year and the best end of an incredible year, better than anything we could have wished for.

When they started to explain to us what they were looking for, it felt like they were speaking right from our hearts. Not because they wanted to elope; but because they wanted to celebrate their marriage in the most meaningful and authentic way that they felt represented them as a couple.

So we started planning out the whole day, via e-mail and skype, all the while Lis & Mauricio were in their home country, Brazil.

This one is not about fancy dresses, expensive venues or a huge cake. It’s the story of two lovers that followed their heart and tied the knot in nature, where they feel most at home and where they draw their everyday inspiration.


We are so thankful that we had such a wonderful team to help make Lis & Mauricio’s dreamy elopement in the winter wonderland of the Bavarian Alps come true.

Venue: Hotel am Badersee  Bridal Styling: Laura Stadler  Florals: Blue + Ivory




“In the past few weeks, I heard you saying “Oh my God, I can’t believe we are really doing this!” so many times! And every time I felt calm and happy, probably because we would be living another adventure together, an experience that really represents us, that connects us to nature, where the magic lies in the simplicity of the moment, in just being truly together.

And now I think: why haven’t we done this before?”
– Mauricio in his vows –





Do you know that feeling when you’re nervous and excited at the same time? That feeling where your emotions seem to have no real control & everything at that moment just feels…right? From the gentle shaky hands to the deep look in their eyes – Lis & Mauricio were experiencing this. They knew the time was now, and everything felt right. Everything made sense. Mauricio sat upstairs in the two story hotel room while Lis had her make up just below. They were so close, yet, couldn’t see each other. It was a moment that, us as photographers, got to experience with them & we could feel that these two absolutely belong together. Without fail. That love. That undying passion & calling for each other.




Only the gentle whisper of the wind brushing over the tree tops & the little ripples of Badersee orchestrated the area as Mauricio stood alone; waiting. Waiting for the moment he’s been so excited for. That moment he gets to turn around and see his Lis, his soul-partner of 13 years, greet him in her wedding dress, ready to say yes! I do! I will forever! The gentle rhythmic cracking of ice as she stepped closer and closer gave way to a gentle, yet sincere smile. This moment, their moment, was but a few steps away.





After the vows were said, and the emotions overflowed – Lis & Mauricio took the adventure to go up to the Alps and show the world their love for each other. They had no fear, no quarrels; just each other. Just each other to love, and to hold and to celebrate. Out in nature where they feel the most connected, they found their place. They closed their eyes to take in the sounds; they opened them – to take in each other. Keeping warm under a thick blanket in ice cold temperatures coupled with their warm, loving embrace meant that they were right where they were meant to be. With each other. Forever unified as a married couple.





As the sun set, revealing the true beauty of the Alpine colors, Lis & Mauricio descended and headed back to the hotel. A candle was lit. Music was chosen. It was their moment once more; just the two of them. As Mauricio held Lis by her waist, Lis brought her hands up and held him close. They swayed to the music seemingly lost in each others universe. We were forgotten. At that moment, we didn’t exist. And thats how it should be. They danced, and our eyes were far from dry. Nothing but the music & the soft candle light to set the scene. It was one of the most profound first dances we’ve had the pleasure of capturing. Ending it off – Lis opens her bag to bring out all the love-letters from their family and friends, wishing them well and a life full of happiness and love. As they cuddled on the sofa reading their letters, the snow fell – and our story of their wedding came to an end.



“Thank you so much for everything, I am sure that if it wasn’t for you and all the help from day 1 we wouldn’t have had this amazing adventure! You’ll be forever in our hearts!”
– Lis & Mauricio

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Mountain Elopement Inspiration in the Alps

Love her but leave her wild

They are a wild & free couple, lovers who aren’t being held back by traditions. They feel connected to nature, to the mountains and to the great outdoors. 

 He stands on the edge, knowing that his life is about to begin. She’s beautiful. She walks, she see’s him – emotions overwhelm and she can’t contain her patience. She runs… she runs to him and her footsteps awaken his eyes. He turns around and see’s her, his everything. She smiles, beautiful.. she leaps into his arms and embraces him strong. The dance in the air, and time seems to have slowed down. The kiss, the hold each other, they embrace. 

They begin their march; slow at first, looking back not even once. They run, together. Holding each other’s hands, playfully. They’re kids again. Nothing to worry. Nothing to fear. Only thing that matters is each other. 

They find their moment, they whisper their vows. No one but God to be the witness. The spring flowers awake. They kiss. they breathe in the atmosphere; the sensations and beauty of mother earth. The very mountains bless them. They are now… one. They stare out into the open; a hint at their life together to come. They look at each other – and they see their history, their present, and their future.

A big shout out to the amazing Team for this shoot: 

Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven gown Whitman via Hey Love Munich
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Kugler
Florals: Blue + Ivory
Model: Caroline Schroedl

This shoot will be feautured on Magnolia Rouge 


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Beach Elopement in Zanzibar


As artists and as a couple, we always wanted to create something that speaks from our hearts and that represents our personalities and our understanding of beauty, tradition and love in its purest form. In collaboration with the German based Wedding Stylists Blue & Ivory, we have conceptualised a coastal elopement inspiration that is contrasting the colourful and saturated environment, showing just how different it can look, feel and be to say “I do” on the white beaches of Zanzibar with the sand between their toes and salty air blowing through their hair.

Serendipity is a heart project. It is the way of getting married on the picturesque beaches of Zanzibar, just the way we could see ourselves celebrate it. It is a project for those who are seeking adventure and beauty. Serendipity is an inspiration for couples that have travelled the world, swam the rough seas and breathed the wild air. It is meant for those who never get tired to watch the stars and for those who have felt freedom.

We can see a silent revolution of the age-old traditions of the biggest promise one can give to each other and with this inspiring story we want to push this revolution forward and turn the imagination into a true possibility for the couples that dream about weddings and elopements such as this.

The incredibly talented team of this labour of love:


HAIR & MAKEUP – Daja Salon & Spa

HEADPIECES – Kopflegenden


RINGS – Nathalie Bleyer Goldschmiedin

LOCATION – Coral Rock Hotel

Beautifully featured on Hochzeitsguide, one of our favourite Wedding blogs.

A special thanks goes out to our beautiful couple Brad & Steffi as well as all the helping hands: Bart, Alina, Elena and the whole team. Without you, this all would not have been possible.

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