In Home Couple Shoot in Nuremberg

Slow Mornings with Julia & Thomas

An in home couple shoot carries this very special vibe, meeting our couples in their own home, that they’ve very likely built together, that they’ve hand picked accessories for, colours, pictures on the wall, for us; there is probably no more authentic way to photograph a couple.

We all should celebrate Sundays more – it’s got this special momentum to it, just a bit slower than all the other days of the week, perfect to give back a bit to ourselves and to each other. A couple shoot is not only a great way of making memories, it’s also a way of celebrating love, your relationship and just have a real good time with each other. On a Sunday morning in Nuremberg Gostenhof, lovingly called GoHo by its locals, we visited Julia & Thomas, a sweet couple, part time entrepreneurs, young parents and soon to be home owners and we followed them around with our cameras in their beautiful little city home where they live with their adorable baby boy and two beautiful Siamese cats.

Julia & Thomas are one of the two winning couples of our Instagram giveaway and we want to take this opportunity to thank them again for their trust and support. You guys are awesome people !

Also, Julia and Thomas are running John Franklin a crazy cute caravan bar that caters for drinks and snacks on your event. Make sure to check them out and give them a like on Instagram too, where they share some fantastic recipes and ideas.

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