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Sicily, italy | November 21 - 24th 2023

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After years of envisioning, we’re thrilled to extend our invitation to you for our first wedding photography workshop. Picture yourself in the mesmerising backdrop of Catania, Sicily, Italy – a dream location that’s about to become your reality.

Imagine immersing in an experience that blends breathtaking scenery with unparalleled photography expertise. From November 21st – 24th, you have the opportunity to be part of something truly extraordinary.

This event is tailor-made for photographers who are poised to take their wedding portfolio to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an emerging talent, this workshop is your gateway to the next level of excellence.

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a full circle

The desire to create something beautiful is universal, but having the right tools to transform said desire into reality is a unique challenge. That’s why our mission is to share our knowledge, equipping you with the motivation and confidence to craft your own stunning portfolio pieces. This skill, once mastered, will truly set you apart from the crowd.

what is included

Elevate your wedding portfolio, 2 full fledged wedding concepts in two different locations will be yours to capture creatively and in small groups

Engage with a community of like-minded photographers, exchange ideas, and immerse yourself in creativity fueled by the beautiful surroundings of Sicily.

Learn not only from but with us, apart from our guidance, let’s experiment and inspire each other

Let’s connect with the industry’s finest, from wedding planning to styling and executing, all at your finger tips

Get an exclusive insight into the editorial work of an international wedding blog including a live session with the editor in chief, incl. a Q&A (via zoom)

All logistics and catering are taken care of, once you’ve checked in with us, from a wholesome breakfast, a light lunch while we’re out and about to delicious dinner by our hosts to wrap up the day

A personal 1.5h mentor session with MELLI and SHAYNE to hold on location in Sicily or post workshop via Zoom

EPIC deals & gifts from our sponsors worth hundreds of euros

what is not included

your flights to sicily & transport to/from the airport

Insurance (if needed)

Visa arrangements (if necessary)

the shoots

With two gorgeously styled shooting sets at different locations and featuring contrasting looks, you’ll be able to go home with stunning additions to your wedding portfolio. Prioritising each of our attendees is allowed the time they need to walk away with the results they are happy with, we will not only make enough time for each set and group to work but also we will be by your side at any given time to guide, inspire and share any and all of our insights as well as give feedback when desired. With the current trends and directions of the wedding world in mind, we’ve carefully curated our vision and we can’t wait to bring it all to life for you!

Old Money Sicily

Old Money comes around the corner mostly elegant, at times a bit arrogant even. You will dive into the world of the rich and famous, never understating but always adding class and a bright attitude. Lush greens and soft pinks, a bit of glamour and fashion paired with vintage vibes, classic elements and lots and lots of champagne. Picture yourselves shooting in harsh light here, as we want to push you and us beyond our soft light comfort zone. With a fashion experienced model couple, we’ll be able to focus on playing with light while others pull off their poses. Oh, and did we mention; it’s BYOF – Bring your own flash.

MinimalOpulence Sicily

Minimalism & monochromatic looks have been around in the wedding world, and not only here, for a while. Our Minimal Opulence setting wants to reinvent the minimalism trend and create a stage for dramatic fabrics, windswept hair, a jaw dropping landscape, a beach ceremony how it hasn’t been seen, make it luxe and high end. This is where our challenge will shift towards working with a real couple, directing them (but not), creating a vibe that delivers for these magical shots, the ones that let the hair on your arms stand up. All of it during Sicily’s incomparable golden and blue hour light and beyond.

Where we'll

Our main goal with this experience is to make it unforgettable. We will stay at a venue that follows not only stunning aesthetics but also a very unique approach to hospitality. Treat yourself to this micro luxury holiday escape within the heart of Catania, Sicily.

Melli and Shayne

Melli and Shayne have been wedding photographers since 2014 and throughout all these years have grown to be amongst the top in the industry. With years and years of knowledge (mistakes included!), they are never shy to share what they know – behind the camera as well as next to you in person. 

They also happen to be the founders of the infamous How I Shot This platform and the up and coming Roots Presets brand. When it comes to entrepreneurial topics, these two know a thing two and are more than willing to let you in on the scoop. 

MS Profile
The Two Profile
The Two

THE TWO – your destination for high-end event planning founded by Carmen and Larissa. THE TWO embodies the essence of exclusivity, extravagance and authenticity. With an unwavering commitment to detail, perfection, and uniqueness, Carmen and Larissa craft events with a blend of elegance and innovation that captivates the senses.

sl only cropped

After starting her hair and makeup career in fashion and advertising in Berlin, the marriage inquiries kept increasing. So Stella decided to create her brand SL Makeup and Hair to meet the demand for modern and chic hair and makeup styles and now devotes herself exclusively to brides, luxury events and photo shoots across Germany and Europe as well as teaching other artists.


more vendors
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Below we’ve listed out the most commonly asked questions and ones that we feel are important to know. If something is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

about the shoots

We are aware this has been a major concern with events like this and we will make sure to create the best possible scenario where we’ll have a maximum of 20 people on the set which will then be divided into smaller groups in order to allow enough shooting space and time with each setting.

With a resounding YES! Of course you will. Every photo or video that you create during this workshop is yours to do with as you please. This is all for your own portfolio and marketing channels. We will ask that you tag us and the vendors involved, as well as the LUSCIOUS WORKSHOP instagram so that everyone benefits from this.

We will arrange transport via a Minibus service that will bring you to and from each shooting location. You literally don’t need to think about anything logistical. We got you covered!

Please make sure to bring your own equipment (cameras, lenses, flashes, cards, etc…). We will not provide any photography or videography equipment.

Because SICILY is drop-dead gorgeous! Honestly, if you haven’t been there yet then you’re in for an absolute mind-blowing experience. Let’s indulge in one of the best places Italy has to offer with mouthwatering food, stunning coast line and landscapes and jaw dropping historical sites and buildings.

By no means do you have to be a full time, self employed photographer or videographer to attend this workshop. We do however ask for you to be confident around the basic knowledge of photography like shooting in manual mode, understanding exposure, etc. as we are not planning to dive into this.

about the accommodation

These 4 days are packed with amazing shoots on and off location as well as the education sessions that will be held at the accommodation. Around those events you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous property as you please.

You certainly can! We have a number of shared rooms available for booking at a reduced rate per person.

about the booking

We accept both Paypal (Also PayPal pay later and PayPal Ratenzahlung) and Stripe (Credit Card) payments. If for some reason you can’t use either of them, then please get in touch with us and we’ll figure out a solution that works for everyone.

We have always wanted to make this as easy & accessible as possible. Therefore, we do offer instalment payments via Paypal Pay Later (only available for certain countries). This allows you to book your spot with us, but pay it over time in much smaller chunks.

Unfortunately this is not possible for Credit/Debit Card (Stripe) payments as the functionality doesn’t exist for our set up.

It would be truly heartbreaking to hear that you won’t be able to make it to this workshop but we are not naive to life’s unexpected events and occurrences. Firstly, we would ideally aim to try and sell your ticket to someone else with your help. If this happens, you immediately receive 100% of your money back.

If this can’t happen in time then the following applies: 

  • Cancel +2 months before the start of the workshop = 75% refund
  • Cancel up to 4 weeks before the start of the workshop is 25% refund
  • After that time, we cannot offer a refund

Your refund may take a few weeks to process depending on the payment method you chose.

If for whatever reason we have to cancel this workshop, here’s what will happen: 

  • As soon as we’ve made this decision, everyone involved will be informed immediately. 
  • All attendees who paid upfront in full or partial, will receive 100% of their money back. Without question.
  • We will then work on finding another date / location to host this workshop so we’d love it if you stuck around on our newsletter to be updated and not miss out on a chance to attend. 

In the case of a cancellation, we will not refund any costs for your travel arrangements that occurred to you for getting to Sicily, Italy.

about Sicily

If you’re not traveling from the EU, please make sure you check with your Embassy before booking this workshop.

Catania airport is the closest and would make the most sense to fly into.

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Sicily, italy | November 21 - 24th 2023