Where are you based?

We are based very close to Nürnberg, Germany. That’s in the heart of Bavaria, South Germany.

What is the investment we’d have to take into account to have you on our wedding day?

Our full day wedding coverage starts at a min. of 8 hours of the two of us on location at your wedding. This base collection is currently priced at 2.190 EUR.

Can we book you for our Civil Ceremony?

We do primarily offer full day coverage wedding photography. But we also offer small Civil Wedding packages for you and depending on our schedule and your desired date, we may be able to help you out

How long in advance should we go ahead and send you a request?

As soon as you know your wedding date, you can contact us. We are receiving requests up to 1.5 years in advance, so it is always a good idea to save your date with us as soon as it is possible for you.

Do you travel / photograph weddings abroad?

We l o v e traveling for your Destination Wedding and we have already traveled to photograph weddings as far as Mauritius and Spain, to name only a few. We are easy going people and our equipment is wisely picked to travel with. We don’t need a fancy hotel room and most of the times we are lodging at low budget options like small B&Bs or AirBnB places. Being located not far from two of the biggest International Airports in Europe (Frankfurt & Munich), we are able to find affordable air fare to go pretty much anywhere in the world.

Are you only offering photos, or do you offer video too?

We do love our photography and this is what we primarily offer. However, we believe that every wedding should be captured in some motion frames too, so we started producing little Highlight Films of a songs length (3-5 minutes) that can be saved onto your smart phones and be carried close to the heart at all times. It is a perfect addition to your photos if the investment of hiring a full time videographer is not what you are looking for. We do however say, that our work does not replace someone who takes care of only the videography on your wedding day.

What about other services like After Wedding Shoots, Album Designs and Photo Booths?

Our Wedding Photography Packages are based on an à la Carte Pricing system and if you’d like to see the whole portfolio of services we offer we’d love to hear from you and send you our extensive Online brochure.

When do we receive our Photos/Vidoes and how many photos will we get?

The delivery time of your photos / video is maximum 6 weeks, but most of the time it’s a lot sooner. You will receive a selected amount of photos and the minimum amount of pictures depends on the coverage time you choose to book with us ( 500 pictures at an 8h wedding coverage) Your photos will all be edited in our signature style and will be delivered in full resolution without any watermarks for your own personal use.

What about copyrights and publishing rights?

With our packages you receive shared copyright of your wedding photos for private use. We retain the right to use the photos for our marketing purposes which include our own Website & Blog, Wedding Blogs, Wedding Magazines or the like. If you prefer your photos to stay private, you can purchase exclusive rights. If you would like to share your photos online on your Social Media Channels, we would be super stoked if you add a link to our Facebook Page, Instagram or Website.

When do we have to pay you?

Of course finances are an important point during your wedding planning. We do charge a reservation fee of 50% of your order value upon a contract signature. The final payment will then be due 7 days after your wedding day. If you are traveling and will not be able to process payments during that time, we kindly ask you to send the payment in advance in order to avoid delayed payments.

Your website is in English, Do you speak other languages too?

As a native German / English couple between us we speak mostly English, but of course Melli speaks German as it is her mother tongue and Shayne speaks French and basic German. We do preferably communicate in English on our shoots but we are happy to help out in any of the languages we speak.

How do you guys work on a Wedding Day?

We are always out there as a team on your wedding day. We may split up on certain sections of the day, i.e. the Getting Ready, if the logistics of your day allow it. In general we prefer to stick to our teamwork routine as this was proven to works best for us. We don’t really take formal breaks as we don’t want to miss anything important throughout the day. We do ask you to include a warm meal for us during dinner time, if we cover your wedding day for 8h or more. We will most likely not be sitting at our table very much and be back and forth photographing, backing up data, setting up stuff, so it is perfectly fine if we don’t sit right by your side.

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