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Final Questions
  • Basics
  • Coverage
  • Add-ons
  • Getting Ready
  • First Look
  • Ceremony
  • Reception & Group Photos
  • Intermission
  • Couple Shoot
  • Dinner & Party
  • Last Details
  • Submit Form


We usually start 2 - 3 hours before the ceremony in order to capture all the details & getting ready. This may be be subject to adjust based on your detailed schedule.
We are happy to finish our coverage about an hour into the party, whenever this may be. You can always decide to book an add. hour on the day itself, no problems.
This helps us to get a general idea of what you're after. Please keep in mind that this is only a 'guide' and the result of the film is based 100% off of how your wedding day will enfold. We will always take in the vibe of your day and use it as our main inspiration and direction.


Getting Ready

Full address and/or Hotel Name & Room number (if known)
Full address and/or Hotel Name & Room number (if known)
Full address and/or Hotel Name & Room number (if known)

First Look

Are you planning on seeing each other before the ceremony and want us to capture this moment for you?


This helps us position ourselves and to understand the flow of things.
This helps us position ourselves and to understand the flow of things.
Please note that if this is a religious ceremony, there is a chance that the Priest/Priestess will not allow us to record them. It is up to you to arrange this with them if you so wish.
We may or may not use them for the highlight film but can happily deliver the audio files if you like. We may need to clip on a small, unobtrusive microphone to one of you in case there is no mixer available.

Reception / Cocktail Hour

Group Photos

Group photos may not initially seem like the most "fun" thing to do but from experience we know they are always amongst the most downloaded images in our couple’s galleries. We’ll make them feel fun and relaxed and as long as the list is not too long, we’ll get some done pretty quickly.


Phew! Take a break!

We know this form is long, but it really does help us be as prepared as possible for your wedding day. 

my friends dont be weird me



Couple Shoot

We like to use about 30 min. before the start of dinner, as your guests are finding their seats and being served their first drink. This way, we’ll get you back just in time for your dinner entrance.
We normally location scout and find some beautiful spots but we're always open to hearing if you know a few places already.
We love to bring your music to the couple shoot. Feel free to send a spotify playlist if you have one ready.
Pick as many as you like. This helps us understand your vibe as a couple a bit more. Of course this is just to get an idea and we're still open to understanding your energy & dynamic when we meet you in person.
Not every couple is about deep romance & passion; others can be quirky, fun & bouncy. How would you describe yourselves as a couple. Are you after something truly romantic and beautiful or would you rather be playful and adventurous? or something completely different to what we've written?


awesome awyiss

bummer funny



Welcome Dinner

Day after event

Ceremony & Speech recordings (videos)

Last Details

finished elijah wood

Woohoo! You've made it! 

We cannot wait to come and cover your day for you! Here is what's going to happen next: 

  • We will get back to you to answer or ask questions, as well as bring up any points of discussion that we've found.
  • If need be, we can hop on a call once more.
  • Just before your big day, we will send you our itinerary so you know what's going to happen and when.


**** PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE OR REFRESH THIS PAGE WHEN YOU PRESS THE SUBMIT BUTTON! It is normal for this form to take a few moments to send given how massive it is ****