Home Story

The essence of you as a couple

There is no better way to wake up than to enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning in bed with your loveheart with lots of cuddles, comfy fabrics and a few treats for brunch. We love those relaxed shoots at home for so many reasons; you feel entirely comfortable in your personal surroundings, the weather doesn’t matter at all to create stunning memories and on top of all that, the day can be incredibly special as it sparks those beautiful moments and those butterfly feelings that are all too precious (just like falling in love all over again).

We think it’s time for giving something back! Having photos taken in your home is an experience that really is incomparable and by following you along in the space that you’ve created together as a couple, we are able to get a unique insight into your day to day life. It allows us to capture you in the most authentic and honest way possible. A way that you look back at and think yes, that’s a 100% us.

Lena & Felix



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