Lets Shoot


This is for all you adventurous couples out there who don’t mind a few uphill climbs, early mornings and late evenings. Even if it’s a bit cold. Thats when cuddling totally rocks!

So here’s the plan: We’re constantly on the lookout for some pretty awesome mountains, lakes, forests & even places at the north coast (Sankt Peter Ording is so beautiful!). We’re such a fan of exploring and we thought to ourselves, what better way to do it than to do with a couple – who may even know the location. So, we thought we’d offer a free engagement shoot to 5 different couples; the adventurous couples who love the outdoors, but each other more so. The couples that love to explore, but can also be totally content at home cuddled up on a winter day.

Its really simple – all you have to do is fill out the questions below and we’ll choose the 5 couples in the coming weeks. The more you put into your answers, the more we love it! There’s no commitment on your behalf either – if you choose not to have a shoot but still want to share some great locations – by all means; we’d be ever so grateful.

Unfortunately we do have to limit this to 5 couples – but that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance! If you like, just tell us in the message that you’d like to be considered for the future as well. We do plan on doing more of these; and who knows where / what we’ll explore.

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  • We have some really great locations that are just too cool to shoot at already, but we're always keen on exploring new places. If you have any ideas- we'd love to know!
  • Please upload a recent photo of the two of you
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, tiff.