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M&S Mentoring Education 7

Learn from our 10+years of being destination wedding photographers

Education with passion, honesty & results.

M&S Mentoring Education 12

Are you asking yourself the same questions over and over again? Are you lost as to what are the next steps to take in order to elevate your business and your photography or videography? In our mentoring sessions we analyse all aspects and build a strategy for you to follow step by step. Make a difference and invest in your business in order to grow in 2024. 

M&S Mentoring Education 14
M&S Mentoring Education 8
M&S Mentoring Education 13

WE share EVERYTHING we LEARNED WITH NO secrets AND FULL insights.

We are where we are because of The lessons we learned & the mistakes we made.

Learn to land

M&S Mentoring Education 15

With a full portfolio & website review, we’ll give you honest feedback on what potential clients may think and feel when seeing your work. We’ll show you what currently works for us and how you can start attracting those clients that will bring you around the world. And pay you for it without question.

It’s as much in the big things as in the little things; and they have a huge influence in whether you generate a lead or not. Our inbox is regularly filled with beautiful requests based on these principles and you don’t even need to be a genius to implement them.

attract destination

M&S Mentoring Education 4
M&S Mentoring Education 1

There is a simple truth to attracting destination weddings that we’ve discovered right when we first started. It involves a bit of work but the results benefit you in more than one way. 

Let us show you exactly how we’ve been booking weddings from around the world and how you can leverage this knowledge to get those requests too. The process doesn’t just stop at the inbox though – we’ll guide you on how to price yourself, your travel expenses and everything in between so you are prepared, and come off as a seasoned pro. 

Manage your
business to always
Be profitable

M&S Mentoring Education 10

Gone are the days of being a starving artist. We’ll introduce you to business methods that will help you consistently turn a profit. The business part of the job may not be everyone’s favourite which is sad, because it can be so incredibly fun and fulfilling. 

From day to day business management and finances, to marketing and newsletters – we’ve built up 3 businesses using these techniques and we have the experience and mistakes to share with you. 

You don’t need
100k in gear To
be a success

M&S Mentoring Education 9

We are full advocates of working “light”. Not only does this mean we’re a lot faster and more flexible, it also makes traveling so much easier.  Get to know all the tools we use, how we use them and most importantly, why we use them. Ranging from what cameras we have, lenses we use and what flashes & lights. 

It’s often a hurdle we face as photographers as we question our gear and it’s capabilities. But deep down we all know that it’s just a tool. Like a hammer is to building a house. Knowing how to use it in multiple situations is going to make you a confident, professional photographer that is excited to take on technical challenges.

Dive into the
world of video
and hybrid

Video is an absolute game changer. For IG Reels, for clients, for vendors – for everyone. If you are a team of 2 and want to expand your product into video, we will share everything and anything we learned over the years. From equipment, editing, working with couples and most importantly, working with each other. 

On the other hand, if you’re a solo shooter – this doesn’t mean you can’t create videos for your clients or yourself (and your marketing). We’ve seen solo photographers with a tremendous amount of success creating videos along side their photography and it’s really not as hard as you may think.

what if you could be as successful As you wanted to be in 2024?

We’ve seen it happen before. It happened to us. All it takes is motivation and the right guidance.


Skills & Techniques
Working with couples
Navigating the day proficiently
Planning & scouting
What gear we use and why
Traveling with gear
Editing with our Roots Presets


Skills & Techniques
Working with couples
Navigating the day proficiently
Planning & Scouting
What gear we use and why
Working with a photographer 
Cutting & Editing Reels & Films


Honest insights into the industry
Preparing for travels
Learning from the competition
Trends and what’s working
What isn’t working anymore


Finances & Investments
Pricing yourself for your dream clients
Social Media game
Website review & analysis
Leverage multiple income streams
After sales & processes
Learn to love business

post production

Focus on editing & consistency
Learn to use Roots Presets
How to cut Reels & Films
Using AI Tools
Softwares we use & how it helps

and so much more...

Nothing is off the table and we’ll gladly be open to reading through all your questions and design a custom plan for you.

What is the

M&S Mentoring Education 3
M&S Mentoring Education 5

Our prices have been designed to be accessible while still giving the lessons and content the worth it deserves. We know these numbers may seem like a hard pill to swallow but just like an investment into gear, your education is at least as valuable.

Online (3 hours)

€990 (includes 19% VAT)

Online (6 hours)

€1.490 (includes 19% VAT)

in person (6 hours)

€1.990 (includes 19% VAT)

in person + live shoot (8 hours)*

€2.990 (includes 19% VAT)

*can be split in two dates

Words from
our most recent

“We booked a coaching session in the field of videography with Melli and Shayne in January of this year. We were warmly welcomed, and the entire time, there was an absolutely comfortable atmosphere. They addressed all of our questions and shared their complete workflow with us in a way we had never experienced before. We’ve had a few coaching sessions, but this was by far the best!!! We took away a lot and are super happy to have met them. I actually had a fangirl moment 😀

We wholeheartedly recommend Melli and Shayne! Not only for coaching – I mean… just look at their fantastic work.

To you two wonderful people, thank you so much for everything and for your time.”

Moments of Happiness (link to review)

M&S Mentoring Education 11
M&S Mentoring Education 6
M&S Mentoring Education 2

We are where we are because of
The lessons we learned & the
mistakes we made.

Get ahead of the competion.

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