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30th april 2023



10 Slots available

20 – 30mins shooting each

20 fully edited images

€290,00 inc. VAT



NaturalWhite Studio, Schießplatzstraße 40, 90469 Nürnberg

We chose the gorgeous NaturalWhite Studio in Nürnberg for this studio day as it offers not only a large, tasteful space but large open windows to let that stunning light shine in. Even if the sun is masked behind clouds, the corners we can use within the studio offer really beautiful, minimal backgrounds and tones which brings all the emphasis on you.



Before the session

Book your spot

on the day

arrive on time for your session.

be photographed.

within 3 days after your session

a gallery will be emailed to you

pick your 20 images (or more)

You will receive an invoice for any additional images you may choose.

within 1 week after receiving your selection

Your gallery will be updated

Who are these sessions primarily for?

These sessions are perfect for Families, Couples and Individual portraits. 

How does this all work out?

We’re aiming to keep this as simple as possible to maximise the shooting time. After you arrive you will be greeted and have a few moments to put your things down and get ready. After the session we will email you a link to view your images. From there, you need to choose up to 20 images that you want us to fully edit and deliver to you. You can of course add more images which will cost €20,00 per additional image. Images are delivered in color and Black & White.

What does it cost for a session and what is included?

Each slot costs €290,00 (including VAT) and includes 20 fully edited images in our signature Melli & Shayne style. Basic retouching is also included whereby things like blemishes, distractions and non-permanent markings will be removed.

Can we buy additional Photos afterwards?

Yes! As the price already includes 20 images; you can of course buy additional images which you’d like us to edit & deliver. The price is €20,00 per additional image and after making your selection, we will send you an invoice for any additional images chosen. 

When should we arrive for the session?

Every session includes a 15 minute buffer to allow you the time and space to put things down and get ready. This is why bookable spots are 45 minute intervals even though the shoot is up to 30minutes long. We just ask that you’re there at the start of your spot time so there’s no stress or rush to get ready.

What is the maximum amount of people for each session slot?

We are limiting it to a max. of 6 people for any given studio spot. Whether that includes people being photographed or not; we feel that any more would hurt the intimate and personal atmosphere we want to create where we can really focus in on you.

Is there parking at the studio?

Unfortuantely there is no dedicated parking space; however the street does have free parking all over the place. It’s just a matter of luck finding a free spot closest to the studio.

What should I bring/wear?

We have put together a moodboard and a suggested list of colors & tones that work best for studio shoots. These will be sent out to all of you automatically after booking your session. 

What happens if I can't make it?

Since we are renting the studio and likely won’t be able to find replacements on short notice, we can’t offer any refunds. We do however allow for you to pass on your spot to someone else (please let us know!), if you find someone to jump in. And worst case, if you can’t find someone to take your spot, we are happy to transfer the value of your booking to the next Studio Day.