How to install Lightroom Mobile Presets 2018

Installing Lightroom Mobile presets can be quite easy so long as you have a clear instruction on how to do so. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription with Lightroom included, the process is very very simple. However, if you do not have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription then it’s a bit more work, but quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. This guide aims to show you how to install them for both cases. 

Table of contents

Installing the presets without an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Creating the presets from the DNG files

Installing the presets with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Using the presets in Lightroom CC mobile

Installing the presets without an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

Downloading and installing the DNG's

The idea is to get the DNG files onto your phone without converting them to JPGs. Once you have purchased and downloaded the presets file to your computer, follow the steps below:

1a / If you have dropbox, upload the files into dropbox and access them on your phone.

1b / If you can do a file transfer to your phone via bluetooth, USB or airdrop, please do so.

2/ Once the files are on your phone as DNGs, open Lightroom CC on your phone.

3/ Click “add photos” in the bottom right

4/ Find the newly added DNG photos and add them all into Lightroom

5/ Done. Next steps below

Firstly, make sure you have the two apps installed on your phone. For android users, you only need Lightroom CC.

Adobe Lightroom CC
Unzip (free)

1/ After you purchased the presets, you would have received an email asking you to download your purchase. Find this email, and click “Click here for your download”

2/ You will be taken to the download page where in Yellow is the file you need to download. Click it.

3/ Your browser will start to download the file, and depending on the file size, it could take a few minutes.

4/ Once it has finished, you will be presented with the file and some options below the filename.

5/ Click “Open in Unzip”. If you do not see this, click “More…” and look for “Copy to Unzip”

6/ Once inside Unzip App, Click on the newly added file to open it

7/ Navigate until you find the folder “DNGs”. This is important.

8/ For each DNG file, click the “i” icon

9/ When the menu opens, click “Open In…”.

10/ Look for “Copy to Lightroom CC”. Click this.

11/ The DNG file will be imported into Lightroom CC.

12/ Repeat steps 8 to 10 for each DNG file so they’re all imported into lightroom.

13/ Done. Follow the next steps below

Creating the presets from the DNG files

preset creation

1/ Make sure you have the DNG Image open in Lightroom (by clicking it)

2/ In the top right corner of the app, you will see three dots (…). Click it and press “Create Preset”.

3/ Give the preset a name. We suggest keeping it the same as the Preset. For example: “M&S Start”

4/ Select a Preset group (it will be easier to find later) or create a new group. Example: “M&S The Roots Preset”

5/ Leave the default checkboxes selected (Profile: Colour, Light, Colour, Effects, Detail)

6/ Click the Tick icon in the top right to confirm

7/ Voila. Preset created! Repeat this process for each DNG file to create seperate presets

Installing the presets with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

How to sync them from your desktop app to your phone

1/ Download the desktop preset pack and make sure you have Lightroom CC for desktop installed (not the classic version)

2/ Open Lightroom CC and at the bottom right of the editing window, you will see Presets. Click it. If not, make sure you click the edit icon (looks like 3 sliders) on the right sidebar. 

3/ At the top right of the now opened presets window, click the 3 dots (…) 

4/ If you want to keep your presets organised, click “Create Preset”

5/ Ignore the name and settings, but where you see “Preset Groups”, select it and click Create New

6/ Give it a name, and hit save. Don’t worry about the preset in there; we’ll delete it. 

7/ Next, back at the top with the 3 dots, click “import presets” and find the preset files that you downloaded (they should be .xmp files found under /Presets )

8/ Your presets should now be installed into your Lightroom CC App.

9/ They may be placed in the default “user presets” group, and if they are, simply right click on them and click “move to group”. Choose the new group you created. Do this for each preset. 

10/ Once done, you can delete the very first preset we made (should be called “untitled”) as we don’t need it. It was just to create the preset group. 

11/ Finally, make sure you have Syncing turned on so these files can be sent to your phone automatically. 

12/ Voila, you’re done. Check them out on your phone and you should be good to go.

Using the presets in Lightroom CC mobile

How to apply the presets to your images

1/ Find an image you want to edit and select it. 

2/ at the bottom tool bar, drag it all the way to the right until you see the “Presets” option.

3/ Select it. If you do not see the new presets there, click the top-most text (which is the preset group. Example: Color). It will have a down arrow next to it.

4/ You should now see all your preset groups. Select the new preset group you created.

5/ Your presets are inside. Good thing is, that once you do this the first time, it will open in this group the next time you go to edit a photo

6/ Choose the preset you want to use & click the Tick icon. 

7/ Edit your photo as you would. We normally would increase the exposure slightly, add a bit of White Balance warmth and play around with the shadows & highlights settings.


We hope this tutorial helped you install the presets into your Lightroom CC mobile app. If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly at and i’d be happy to help you along.